Drillinginfo has acquired GlobalView, an industry leader in providing market data and data management solutions to energy and agricultural companies the world over, to provide the most comprehensive decision support for the energy industry. View the press release here.

Now, whether a customer is investing in exploration, producing, buying, selling or trading energy assets, they can rely on a single partner for real time, actionable intelligence and analytics.

With the addition of GlobalView’s leading analytics and risk management tools Drillinginfo expands the visibility our customers have to the full range of real-time, accurate and historical market data. Along with world-class intelligence, analysis and decision making tools on all aspects of the exploration and production process, this new capability will allow for a holistic view of the oil and gas world.  

The GlobalView flagship MarketView tools allow E&P companies, risk marketers, and other commodities investors to monitor price movements, and manage and assess risk through their trading operations. Drillinginfo customers will have greater clarity into what the market price of commodities is, was, and will potentially be in the future to plan projects.

Current GlobalView customers, including traders, risk managers, investors and analysts, will now be able to harness the power of comprehensive leading indicator information, such as rig movements, production and permit data, and the potential impact of DUC wells on future supply.

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