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During your tour we will provide you with a look inside the oil & gas industry’s most insightful & powerful knowledge tool.

Our suite of international products gets at the international competitive landscape like no one else. Receive timely regional information, in-depth analysis and mission critical data you can’t find anywhere else.

International Commercial Scout

  • Get ahead of the competition with competitive insights that no one else has
  • Reduce costs and stop wasting time searching for risks from multiple sources
  • Regular weekly updates keeps you informed with the most recent risks information
  • Make the best deals with the most recent risk assessment
  • Maximize ROI by relating above ground opportunities to below the ground risks

International Scout

  • High quality upstream-focused E&P activity report reduced the time spent organizing and preparing data
  • Detailed insights supplemented by industry analysis by regional experts = competitive advantage
  • E&P activity reports with maps
  • Breaking news alerts

Global Exploration Opportunities (GEO)

  • Provides the quickest most visually comprehensive way to identify exploration opportunities
  • Is the single user interface to view government bid rounds, farm-in information, future and potential farm-ins, and out of round blocks
  • Highlights the hot new regions, and key or new players and contact information
  • Monthly highlights of specific opportunities in detail

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